Curriculum Vitae

Christoffer Vuolo Junros

Senior Design Engineer, Author &
Small Business Owner

Christoffer is a dedicated engineer since 2010, with experience in both Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. Besides his engineering skills, he is an author of a Science Fiction novel called Origin Andromeda. As well as a small business owner, running The Bitcoin Wardrobe since early 2020.

From his writing he explores other worlds and technologies, from his business he has learned a large toolset of skills, coding, writing text that sells, deliver excellent customer service, create and manage ads on several platforms, writing SEO friendly texts, providing premium solutions on a global basis, producing hundreds of designs through various design tools, and many more…

As an engineer, he likes challenges and has benefited greatly from his practical skills. He is educated in vehicle design from KY Plus Competence with a focus on vehicle/mechanical construction and design. He is delighted in participating and developing new products/solutions to develop his great technological interest. Christoffer has broad experience in the automotive industry and has mainly worked with product development in sheet metal, welded/ bent parts, and plastic, however, his expertise lies in electrical engineering. He has also done many advanced assignments such as analysis and visualization of projects/ concepts.

He always wants to deliver assignments with a good result in good time. He likes to work in groups and also independently with planning, responsibility, and execution.

Highlighted Client Assignment

Geometrical Architect, Exterior CAB

Volvo Trucks | 2021 – 2022

Driving geometrical integration of systems and components in the exterior front for the FH/FM Cabs. Christoffer is in charge of driving a cab zone on a weekly basis in accordance with an integration strategy that includes feature balance, stakeholder inputs, and functions

Managing cross-functional groups in weekly architect meetings and focus meetings is one of his responsibilities. He is in charge of setting up prerequisites for engineers and product design in Catia using sections, envelops, and restriction surfaces

Senior Design Engineer

SAAB Surveillance | 2019 – 2021

Senior Design Engineer position with a focus on Cabling, Electrical Design & System Routing in Saab Surveillance Sensor Team, working with Radar systems for both ground, water & airborne solutions and applications. Leading the electrical work forward for project Sea Giraffe 4A Fixed Face, amongst other projects.

Component Manager

Volvo Bus Corporation  | 2015 – 2017

Christoffer was responsible for electrical installation in Volvo bus model 7900 Full Electric. The work consists of routing of cables, clamping, and component placement in the wagon. The assignment also included 600V, 24V, 400V cabling cabinet, signal cables, and mechanical details.  

Client Assignments


Geometrical Architect
Volvo Trucks

The assignment consists of performing geometrical integration of systems and components in the exterior front for the FH/FM Cabs. Systems and components of mixed metal, plastic parts and electrical hardware and wiring.

Christoffer is responsible to drive a cab area on weekly basis connected to an integration plan including balancing of features, stakeholder inputs and functions.
One of his tasks is managing cross-functional groups in weekly architect meetings and focus meetings. He is responsible to set up prerequisites for the engineers and product design via sections, envelops and restriction surfaces in Catia.
2019 – 2021

Senior Design Engineer
SAAB Surveillance

Senior Design Engineer position with a focus on Cabling, Electrical Design & System Routing in Saab Surveillance Sensor Team, working with Radar systems for both ground, water & airborne solutions and applications. Leading the electrical work forward for project Sea Giraffe 4A Fixed Face, amongst other projects. The work consists of complete wire/harness design and documentation, consisting of advanced modeling of power cables and wire harnesses in Creo Parametrics, Advanced RF, Optical, and power cable designs. Working with Ruler & Visio. Mechanical design and MBD (Model-Based Drawing) is part of my daily work combined with Non-Conformance Reports. Conducting test & verification work together with investigative tasks. True Lean planning is a core in my team together with a great atmosphere of co-operation.
2017 – 2019

Lead Engineer, R&D Concrete Surface & Floors
Husqvarna Construction Products

Lead Engineer for Propane Vacuum Cleaner S 36 Propane. Take care of everything related to R & D’s responsibility for the product, such as the development of technical solutions, handling in production, recalibration, testing and testing as well as contact with the factory, aftermarket, and service. Works with Catia, Smarteam, and, if necessary, in the lab.
2015 – 2017

Component Manager
Volvo Bus Corporation

Christoffer is responsible for electrical installation in project 9460 and the work consists of routing, clamping and component placement in the wagon. The assignment includes the 600V, 24V, 400V cabling cabinet, signal cables and consoles. He was also responsible for KOLA governance and design. Over 100 CAD modules in total Working modularly with particular emphasis on interface, positions and common solutions in Multispec layouts.  Cross-functional cooperation between the various media groups, developed solutions for interconnection
2011 – 2015

Design Engineer / Method Developer
Volvo Bus Corporation

Christoffer worked on developing and evaluating new working methods and methods for the electrical department at Volvo Buses, Arendal. The assignment consisted of: -Creating tools to facilitate controlling of CAD structure in multiple zones/ shared projects within the group. -Coaching and supporting new employees when necessary and took care of the department’s common knowledge. Christoffer has very large knowledge of different variants and suitable pulling/ clamping in different areas to cope/ maximize the durability. He was the area manager for all front modules and was responsible for advice and solutions to find common interface between different from modules. He had a close relationship with AM and GM to find optimal solutions in all situations to reduce the production time and simplify service. He Joined the “Early Adopter” team and participated in pilot projects for new internal CAD/ PLM features such as multispec and myaccess 3.

Design Engineer
Autoadept AB

Autoadept AB is a company that offers solutions for customizing vehicles. Christoffer worked primarily with detail design, drawing and updates for Turny. The assignment also involved the development of a security solution for the protection of electronic components and cables. The work was mainly done by Inventor 2010.

Design Engineer
Evadapt AB

Evadept AB works to make the electric car by converting ordinary vehicles to electrical operation. Christoffer worked mainly with the development and design of an inverter/ electrical component box for production. The assignment consisted of packing work of components and cabling, modeling drawing production, CAD design and visualization. Besides, the assignment also involves new design solutions for fixing and placing gas tanks for the passenger compartment heating and packing model for rear battery pack & charger. The work was carried out by using Catia V5.
• IndustriesAutomotive Industry, Defence Industry, Industrial Industry, Blockchain Industry
TechniquesElectrical drivetrain and charging, Product Development, Project management
• ToolsCATIA v5, Creo ProE, Inventor, KOLA, PLM, FMEA, GDP / eGDP, SmarTeam, Volvo Protus, MS Office, MS Project, + large variety of image design tools


KY Vehicles and Mechanical Design Engineering 
Gothenburg University of Technology  (Gothenburg)  
2007 – 2010
Vehicle Technology Program 
Porthälla High School  (Partille)  
2005 – 2007

Courses and Certifications

Project management – basic concepts and methods
Highschool in Skövde  
Flight Safety
SAAB Surveillance
Export Control
For Lean-Agile team members to gain experience as an Agile Team member in SAFe Agile Release Train (ART).
Catia V5 intro
Volvo Bus Corporation
Volvo Bus Corporation  
Volvo Bus Corporation  
Design and packaging methodology
Volvo Bus Corporation  


Level 4 – Advanced
Automotive Industry, CATIA v5, FMEA, GDP / eGDP, KOLA, MS Office, PLM Product Lifecycle Management systems, Product Development, Volvo Protus,

Level 3 – High Competence
CREO/ProE, Defence industry, Electrical drive train and charging, Industrial Industry, Inventor, SmarTeam, SWOT, GANTT, WBS

Level 2 – Intermediate
Project managment, HTML, Javascript

Other skills

Drivers license B


SwedishNative or bilingual proficiency
EnglishFull professional proficiency
Farsi/PersianBeginner Level
Kurdish (Sorani)Beginner Level

Personal Description

Christoffer is a man who enjoys the small things in life and at the same time aims above the stars and beyond. He loves to geek down in details and if there is something he doesn’t understand or know he makes sure to learn how it works. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, family and friends. And when he gets a few hours of his own he works on his own projects, soon to be published author of the Science Fiction book Origin Andromeda, The Beginning.