Origin Andromeda, Sci Fi Novel

Origin Andromeda, Sci Fi Novel


Grim and tough situations are in front of Henrik Harlacker and everyone aboard the Starship Eclipse. By his side, he has Joanna, his true love and strength together with his most trusted friend Bjorn and a crew strengthened by good morals. Equipped with technology unlike anything else they set out on a mission that takes them to a galaxy far from home. Time travel, betrayals and new lifeforms are just a few of the challenges in front of them.

Their journey takes them to a planet called Zouud, where people live in despair under the totalitarian ruler Tidus Barlow, a throne usurper who rules the galaxy with terror and oppression.

Together they must end the tyranny. The alternative is too terrible to even consider and Tidus won’t let his power go easily.


Sounds interesting? please read chapter 1 Here and if you like it please consider buying the book when it is published.

Sincerely//Christoffer Vuolo Junros