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Vuolo Junros

Senior Design Engineer - Published Author -


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Scroll down to get to know me a little better, and learn about my journey in electrification projects for large vehicles, my love for innovative technologies, and my passion for creating futuristic ideas. All of this is possible thanks to the unwavering support of my amazing wife, Joanna. Enjoy the ride! 🚀🔌

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Author of: Origin Andromeda: The Beginning

Origin Andromeda: The Beginning is a science fiction story filled with humour, intense action and technological advancements loosely based on theoretical possibilities. The story follows Henrik Harlacker and everyone aboard the Starship Eclipse as they embark on a dangerous journey to a galaxy far, far away to fulfil Henrik’s destiny. Time travel, betrayals, and new lifeforms are just a few of the challenges they encounter.

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I aim to develop FSFP at a pace that allows me, authors, and readers to explore the universe’s hidden secrets together.

Experience science fiction stories of the future and be inspired by cutting-edge technology. The key to the future is in one’s imagination.

Founder of: Future Science Fiction Publishing

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Founder of: The Bitcoin Wardrobe

Why was TBW™ started?

I started this store to provide good-looking ​quality printed apparel and merch for crypto ​enthusiasts and former no-coiners who wish to ​show their support for the crypto space to be ​part of the ongoing mass adoption and spread ​knowledge to new people. Unfortunately, I’ve ​closed this store down. But, special projects ​are still available for enquiry.

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Husband to: Joanna Junros

The greatest blessing that has ever graced my life is undoubtedly my beloved wife, my life partner, and my better half. She is the shining star that guides me through life's journey with unwavering support, boundless love, and an embrace of warmth that fills my heart.

Her presence is a constant source of inspiration, infusing every aspect of my life with purpose and meaning. With her by my side, I have come to realize that there are no limits to what we can achieve together. Her belief in me and our shared dreams makes every aspiration feel within reach, and every challenge surmountable.

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career path.

I'm an engineer specializing in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering since 2010, with a strong emphasis on electrifying vehicle fleets. My expertise and years of experience in this field have driven me to delve deeper, expanding my knowledge into aftermarket method development. In this role, I apply what I've learned throughout the years, combined with my deep understanding of electrification, fault searching, and electricity.

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scania - Method Developer, Electrification

As a seasoned senior design engineer with a focus on electrical installations and electric vehicles, I leverage my expertise to develop aftermarket methods for high voltage VCB installations in electric trucks and buses. My role also involves maintaining accurate data for electric propulsion units to optimize service procedures for both internal and external systems. I utilize Delmia simulations to visualize processes and conduct thorough digital and physical checks, using vehicle installations as my reference point for quality assurance.

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Volvo Trucks - Geometrical Architect, Exterior CAB

I was responsible for driving the geometrical integration of systems and components in the exterior front of FH/FM Cabs. This involved managing a weekly cab zone in accordance with an integration strategy that considered feature balance, stakeholder inputs, and functions.

Furthermore, I managed cross-functional groups during weekly architect meetings and focus meetings. I was in charge of setting up prerequisites for engineers and product design in Catia, using sections, envelops, and restriction surfaces to ensure effective integration and collaboration.

SAAB Surveillance

Senior Design Engineer position with a focus on Cabling, Electrical Design & System Routing in Saab Surveillance Sensor Team, working with Radar systems for both ground, water & airborne solutions and applications. Leading the electrical work forward for project Sea Giraffe 4A Fixed Face, amongst other projects.

volvo bus

I was responsible for electrical installation in Volvo bus model 7900 Full Electric. The work consists of routing of cables, clamping, and component placement in the wagon. The assignment also included 600V, 24V, 400V cabling cabinet, signal cables, and mechanical details.

Other Companies I’ve Worked With

I held a pivotal role at Volvo Buses in Arendal, focusing on developing and evaluating new working methods within the electrical department, which included creating CAD structure management tools, mentoring new employees, demonstrating extensive knowledge in pulling/clamping techniques, serving as an area manager for front modules, collaborating closely with Area and Group Managers to optimize solutions, and actively participating in pilot projects for new CAD/PLM features.

- Volvo Bus Corporation

I served as the Lead Engineer for the Propane Vacuum Cleaner S 36 Propane, overseeing all aspects of R&D's responsibilities for the product. This encompassed developing technical solutions, managing production processes, handling recalibrations, conducting extensive testing, and maintaining communication with the factory, aftermarket, and service departments.

In my role, I utilized software tools like Catia and Smarteam, and when necessary, worked in the lab to ensure the product's quality and performance met our high standards.

– Husqvarna Construction Products

At Evadept AB, I played a key role in converting ordinary vehicles into electric cars. My primary responsibilities involved developing and designing an inverter/electrical component box for production, which included tasks such as component packaging, cabling, modeling, drawing production, CAD design, and visualization. Additionally, I worked on innovative design solutions for gas tank placement and rear battery pack & charger packaging, all utilizing Catia V5.

- Evadapt AB

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